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 GORING RARE EARTH CORPORATION LIMITED (GRE)   specializes in Rare Earth industry for decades and now is the leading manufacturer and supplier of various Rare Earth Oxides, Compounds, Metals & Alloys of China. GRE is committed to satisfying all of customer's technical requirements and offer a completely efficient service. We now exporting more than 60 kinds of Rare Earth products to more than 30 coutries worldwide.

CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION is our definite aim and is applied throughout business activities.

Advanced extraction lines separating Rare Earth mixed compounds to 99% to 99.999% various purities of individual and co-precipitated Rare Earth chemicals, including Oxides, Acetates, Chloride, Carbonates, Hydroxides, Fluorides, Nitrates, Oxalates, totally covered 90% of Rare Earth products, applied widely in manufacturing tri-band phosphors, advanced ceramics, pigments, glass, glazes, laser crystals, Rare Earth doped fibers.

Despite the normal process of igniting, special designed ignition furnaces and procedure guarantee the physical characteristics alonging with higher requirements for quickly developing technology, the advanced materials can provice with higher surface area, smaller or large particle size for specialty applications.

By additional Ion-Exchange facility, we process individual Rare Earth oxides to a purity of 99.9999% for high-tech Rare Earth doped performance materials.

With patents and special technical know-how on Electrolytic and Vacuum smelting furnaces, we produce 99% to 99.999% purity of individual Rare Earth metals and Rare Earth alloys, including Neodymium, Praseodymium, Dysprosium, Terbium and Samarium for Rare Earth magnets, high purity Europium, Yttrium and Gadolinium for superalloys, Lanthanum-Rich Mischmetal for NiMH batteries, distilled Terbium and Gadolinium for magnetostrictive materials.

With additional facility, we also process the Rare Earth metals into different forms and shapes, including: slab, plate, foil, disc, and powder as per Customers' requirements and blueprints.


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